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The Mission of the Oregon Board of Optometry is to Protect the People of the
State of Oregon from the Dangers of Unqualified and Improper Practice of Optometry.

Welcome to the Oregon Board of Optometry's Home Page

The Oregon Board of Optometry is a state agency responsible for the licensure of doctors of optometry (optometrists/optometric physicians) and enforcement of the statutes and administrative rules governing the practice of optometry in Oregon. Listed below is information concerning the Board and its activities that may be of interest to you.


~ Important Updates and Information ~

Board of Optometry Bulletin

The November 2015 edition of the Board Bulletin may be downloaded here, and has been sent to licensees who have reported a current email address to the Board. Other licensees will receive a copy by mail.

If you would like to receive a copy by email, please contact the Board office.

Updates to Optometry Administrative Rules ~ OAR 852

The Board has proposed changes to the Administrative Rules, OAR 852-010, 852-050 and 852-070.

The text of the proposed changes may be downloaded HERE and HERE.

The Board has recently adopted changes to the Administrative Rules: OAR 852-005, 852-010 and 852-020, that became effective 11/12/2015. The text of the changes may be downloaded HERE.

A compilation of the current Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules governing optometry may be downloaded HERE. The statutes addressing "Health Care Generally" are found in ORS 676.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Sneed at the office of the Board at (503) 399-0662, ext.3, or by email at shelley.g.sneed@oregon.gov.

Recreational Marijuana Use and Your License

Given that the use of cannabis was legalized in Oregon as of July 1, 2015, the Oregon Board of Optometry wants to reiterate to our licensees that you are expected to practice with professional skill and safety at all times. Any marijuana use while practicing can and will be investigated for possible impairment in the workplace.

Regular Meeting of the Board Scheduled ~

The next regular meeting of the Board is scheduled for February 12, 2016 in the first floor conference room at 1500 Liberty Street SE, Salem Oregon 97302.

The Notice and Agenda for this meeting is available here, and has been sent to individuals who have asked to be placed on the Board's list of interested parties.

Additional meetings for 2016 are scheduled on May 6, September 9 and November 18. Notices and Agendas will be available here before the meetings and will be sent to individuals who have asked to be placed on the Board's list of interested parties.

Dispensing and Use of Contact Lenses Without a Valid Prescription ~ Oregon Revised Statute 683.180 - Prohibited acts and practices -
states: "A person may not: (9) Dispense or sell an ophthalmic contact lens without having obtained a valid, unexpired prescription from the person to whom the contact lens is dispensed or sold. As used in this subsection, "ophthalmic contact lens" means a contact lens with or without refractive power, including a plano lens or a cosmetic lens."

This video provides additional information about the dispensing and use of contacts without a valid prescription.

Protected Health Information Release Form for Patients
~ Federal and state laws govern the confidentiality of protected health information. As licensed doctors of optometry, you may need to share patient information with other health professionals. This link refers to Oregon Revised Statutes and provides a sample release form you may use with your patients.

Please check the postage on your license renewal application
~ The Board does not accept mail for which postage is due. The United States Postage Service requires extra postage on items that are oversized or have extra weight. Please verify that your postage is sufficient before mailing, to avoid a late renewal fee.

BOARD MEMBERS SOUGHT ~ Members of the Oregon Board of Optometry are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The term of office of each member is three years. A member is eligible for reappointment. Candidates for member positions are currently being sought. If you have an interest in serving on the Oregon Board of Optometry please visit the Governor's webpage for more information: - How to Apply for Appointment to a Board or Commission - or contact the Board's office. In selecting the members of the Board, the Governor shall strive to balance representation on the Board according to geographic areas of this state and by ethnic group.

Board of Optometry Information:
About the Board Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules
Information for Consumers and Optometrists about Complaints and the Investigation Process Proposed Administrative Rule Changes
Alphabetical Listing of Currently Licensed Optometric Physicians
   May be used for license verification Disciplinary Actions and Medical Malpractice Reports
Oregon Optometry Negligence/Malpractice Claim Report Form
   This form is to be used only by claim "reporters" as defined by ORS 742.400.
Information Requests Questions About Optometry
Board Meetings News and Newsletters From the Board
Minutes of Public Meetings Board Financial Information
Using and Prescribing Contact Lenses
   Information for consumers and eye health professionals.

Information for Licensees and Applicants for Licensure:
Continuing Education Reviewed by the Board
   (Course Review requirements)
Examination and Licensure Requirements
   The Law and Administrative Rules Exam is available online through the NBEO.
Continuing Education Requirements Applications and Forms in PDF Format
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Reinstating or Reactivating a License
DMV Voluntary At Risk Driver Reporting Form
BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Certification
    Continuous and current BLS Healthcare Provider level CPR certification is a condition of licensure for all Active status optometric physicians. Any lapse in CPR certification will result in a late CPR renewal fee. This is an important requirement in protecting the health and safety of your patients. Approved CPR courses teach heathcare professionals to recognize life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR to victims of all ages, teach how to relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner, and instruct on proper use of AED's.

    As of January 2013, the Board no longer requires a hands-on component for CPR certification for renewing licenses (new applicants must still take a hands-on CPR course for initial licensure). So, if you are renewing your optmetry license, you may take a BLS Healthcare Provider-level CPR recertification course totally online, if that option is allowed by your class provider.

    Note: Although not required by the Board, know that some course providers do require a hands-on component to renew your certification. Be aware before you sign up whether you are paying for and able to complete the hands-on component if it is required by the provider to complete the course and receive your renewal card.

Optometry Links:
ARBO (Association of Boards of Optometry) Home Page
COPE (Council on Optometric Practitioner Education) Home Page
NBEO (National Board of Examiners in Optometry) Home Page
NPDB-HIPDB (National Practitioner Data Bank and Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank)
    Physicians can perform a "self query" at this site.
OOPA (Oregon Optometric Physicians Association)
    If you have an interest in membership in the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association, which represents the professional interests of optometry in Oregon, you can obtain information by calling their office at (800)922-2045 or by visiting their website.

Links to On-Line Optometric Ethics and Oregon Optometry Law and Administrative Rules Courses that have been approved by the Board
Pacific University College of Optometry - "Regulatory Requirements for Optometric Physicians in the State of Oregon" 4/23/2015.
Ketchum University (formerly Southern California College of Optometry) - Online Continuing Education- "Ethical Guidelines and Expected Conduct by Optometrists".
Audio-Digest.org - Using their search engine, enter the word: "Ethics", and filter the search by choosing "Ophthalmology". The currently approved courses on the resulting list are: "Ethics/Skin Cancer" (Vol. 52, Is.04)
The Oregon Optometry Law and Administrative Rules Exam is available online through the NBEO. A passing score on this exam will satisfy the Oregon Optometry Law requirement.
Attend A Public Session Meeting of the Oregon Board Of Optometry - Join the Board for at least an hour of a scheduled Public Session meeting to satisfy the Oregon Optometry Law requirement. Please contact the office of the Board to verify the date of the next regular meeting.

Links to Related Organizations:
American Optometric Association
American Board of Optometry
Oregon Medical Board
DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Administration/Practitioner Registration)
U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION - Mandatory Reporting Form
       Report violations of dispensing products which require a prescription - such as contact lenses - at this site.)
Oregon DMV's Medically At-Risk Driver Program
Q & A About Oregon Requirements For Tinting of Windshields
       Refer to ORS 815.221 and 815.222 for statutory requirements for prescribing the tinting of automotive windshields.

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