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Authority.   In accordance with ORS 683.325, upon the complaint of any citizen, or upon its own motion, the Oregon Board of Optometry may investigate any violation of the Oregon optometry laws or administrative rules. In the conduct of investigations the Board may take evidence, take the depositions of witnesses, compel the appearance of witnesses, require answers to interrogatories, compel the production of documents, and issue subpoenas in the name of the State of Oregon. All complaint information is confidential during the course of the Board's investigation.

Process.   Anyone wishing to file a complaint should call the Oregon Board of Optometry's office and speak to the Executive Director regarding the nature of the complaint. The Executive Director will be able to advise the complainant concerning optometry law and administrative rules, and may be able to make suggestions to resolve the problem and eliminate the need of a formal complaint being filed. The Board does not pursue complaints involving fee disputes. If the Executive Director determines that the complainant has a complaint on which the Board will act, a Request for Boards's Review of Professional Services (complaint form) will be sent for documentation of the complaint, or you may download the necessary form from the following link:

   Consumer Complaint Form - (Request for Board's review of Professional Services)

ORS 683.335 requires that a licensed optometrist report to the Board any suspected violations by Oregon optometrists of ORS 683.010 to 683.155 and 683.170 to 683.290. The following form may be used to request and investigation by the Board, or a letter may be written which contains the same categories of information.

   An Optometrist's overview of the Board's investigative process.

   Optometrist's Request for Board Investigation of Suspected Violation.

The physician's response form can be downloaded from the following link:

   Optometrist's Response to Investigation

Since the Board only meets every six to ten weeks, the complaint review process will take some time. The Board always notifies the complainant and the doctor of the outcome of the Board's review.

This is a link to a flowchart of the complaint process.

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