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Examination and Licensure

In addition to Parts I, II, and III, and TMOD, the National Board of Examiners in Optometry administers the Oregon Law and Administrative Rules Exam. Please contact the NBEO at (800)969-3926 or visit their website's Home Page at to register for any of these exams. Please note: A passing score on the ISE portion of the NBEO examinations is not required for licensure in Oregon, and will not qualify a candidate for the Injections Endorsement in Oregon.

The Board will only verify scores for Oregon Law and Administrative Rule Examinations from individuals who have applied for licensure. The Law and Administrative Rules examination is adminstered online by the NBEO. You may register and take the Law exam at this site.

The Oregon Law and Administrative rules may be downloaded at the Board's website. Instructions for applying for licensure may be downloaded here .

Requirements of Licensure

All new licenses are issued with certification to use, administer and prescribe TOPICAL and NONTOPICAL pharmaceutical agents (AT). This is the minimum required certification for which all optometrists must be qualified in order to practice. Additional criteria must be met in order to be certified to use administer and prescribe the NONTOPICAL pharmaceutical formulary with the INJECTION endorsement (ATI).

  1. Pursuant to ORS 683.060(2), the Board will require a passing score on Parts I, II, and III (PAM, and Clinical Skills), and TMOD (Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease) of the National Boards of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO). NBEO standards for passing the NBEO examination will be acceptable to the Board.

  2. The applicant for examination and licensure must:

    • Provide written confirmation sent directly from the licensing entity of each other state in which the applicant has ever been licensed that the applicant for licensure has not been sanctioned for violating the laws, rules or standards of ethics of that jurisdiction. In addition, the Board will query the National Practitioner Data Bank and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank for adverse actions on each person making an application for licensure;

    • Submit documentation of continuing education hours as required in OAR 852 Division 70;

    • Pass, by a score of 80 of better, a Board-approved written examination relating to Oregon optometric law and administrative rules within the 12 months before date of Oregon licensure. Because the Administrative Rule and Law examination is not clinical in nature, there is no waiting period before an examination retake. If the examination is not available through the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, the Board will set location(s), date(s) time(s) and fees for administration of the examination.

  3. Any applicant whose conduct constitutes cheating or subverting of the process of the evaluation of professional competency by the Board or by an examiner may be dismissed from the examination and denied licensure.

Application for Examination and Licensure

  1. Each applicant must meet educational qualifications and must comply with the requirements of ORS 683.040 before the applicant will be accepted for examination and licensure.

  2. Applications for licensure as an optometric physician in Oregon must be directed to the office of the Board.

  3. The application is complete upon receipt by the Board of:

    • A signed application form (download application);

    • A copy of the official final transcript from an accredited college of optometry indicating receipt of the doctor of optometry degree;

    • A copy of the record establishing satisfactory completion of a course in pharmacology as it applies to optometry from an institution approved under ORS 683.040(2) when applicable;

    • Verification of the passage of the examination of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO);

    • Receipt by the Board's office of the application fee and background check fee as posted in OAR 852-010-0080;(see also: OAR 852-050-0025 "State Criminal records check and Fitness Determination").

    • Written confirmation sent directly from the licensing entity of each other state in which the candidate has ever been licensed that the candidate for licensure has not been sanctioned for violating the laws, rules and standards of ethics of that jurisdiction;

    • Documentation of completion of the required continuing optometric education.

    • Documentation of current CPR certification, as required in OAR 852-80-0040;

    • Proof of meeting the requirements of OAR 852 Division 80 Pharmaceutical Agents, for licensure with the non-topical certification (AT) or non-topical certification with injections (ATI);

    • Proof of passage of the Oregon optometric law and administrative rules examination; and

    • Satisfactory results of a criminal records background check as defined in OAR 852-050-0025.

  4. Any application received from an optometrist who has been sanctioned by another optometric licensing jurisdiction is individually reviewed and considered by the Board.

Certification to use, administer, and prescribe the NON-TOPICAL pharmaceutical formulary (AT Certification) is a condition of Active Status licensure.

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